Investigating Fracking Procedures in Ohio & Meeting Environmental NGOs, 18th March 2015.

On the ITRE Delegation to the USA, I visited a shale fracking and drilling site in Ohio.

Shale gas may have a role to play in improving our energy supply and energy security, but that potential benefit cannot come at the expense of robust environmental protections.

Labour believes that:

1. No fracking should take places under groundwater protection zones.
2. No fracking should take place within but also under protected areas such as national parks.
3. Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) should be are mandatory at all sites.
4. Residents should be notified on an individual basis of shale gas operations.
5. All fugitive emissions should be recorded, not just methane.

I also met Myron Arnowitt, the Pennsylvania Director of Clean Water Action; Jessa Chabeau and Lenore Resick of the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project; and Larry Schweiger, former CEO of the National Wildlife Federation to discuss fracking.

  • Date March 18, 2015
  • Tags European Parliament
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