Labour Members of the European Parliament have led the way in providing increased transparency on their spending of parliamentary allowances. Labour MEPs must also publish on their websites a breakdown of how their office allowance is spent, a list of staff names and job titles, and details of travel and subsistence allowance claimed.

Theresa currently employs five full-time members of staff and one part-time member of staff and contributes to a joint member of staff with other Labour MEPs in Brussels.

You can look at Theresa’s declaration of interests here.


Parliamentary allowances explained

MEPs receive a general expenditure allowance which funds costs related to running an office, office equipment, telephones and publications/events. In addition to following the European Parliament rules on office spending, Theresa and all her Labour colleagues must have a full, professional audit of the use of these allowances approved annually. The audit must show that proper accounting records have been kept, that the financial statements are in accordance with the accounting records, and that financial statements comply with statutory or other requirements.

MEPS also receive a secretarial assistance allowance which funds all staff costs. Members of staff employed in Brussels and/or Strasbourg are paid directly by the European Parliament. Members of staff employed in the UK are paid through a named and independent accountant (paying agent) and no funds are paid to MEPs or their offices directly.

MEPs are also reimbursed for travel expenses for journeys to and from Parliament’s places of work from their home subject to receipts. MEPs are also entitled to claim subsistence allowance for each day or half day they spend working away from home on authorised parliamentary business to cover the cost of hotels/renting accommodation etc.

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